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If anyone currently residing in the US would be willing to fill out a sociology questionnaire for a starving college student, would you please either reply with the answers to the following, or send your answers to sanacrow at foocatz dot com.

No personally identifying information is collected or used. If you chose to respond via email, your response will only be seen by myself and my 3 project partners. The aggregate data will be used in a paper and presentation for our current events sociology class.

Thank you!!

Sociology Questionnaire: Group Project

What is your age?
___ 17 or under ___ 18-22 ___ 23-27 ___ 28-32 ___ 33-42 ___ 43 or higher

What is your sex? ___ Male ___ Female ___ Intersex ___ Genderqueer

What is your annual income? ___ Under $11,999 ___ 12,000-17,999
___ 18,000-25,999 ___ 26,000-31,999 ___ 32,000 or higher

What is your sexual orientation?
___ Heterosexual ___ Bisexual ___ Homosexual ___ Asexual ___ Other

What is your marital status? ___Married ___ Partnered ___ Single

Are you (or have you ever been) sexually active? ___ Yes ___ No

If yes, are you (or your partner) currently using contraception? ___ Yes ___ No

Are you currently covered by health insurance?
___ Yes, I pay for it completely on my own
___ Yes, I pay a portion of its cost through an employer, group, etc/.
___ Yes, I am covered under a policy someone else pays for
___ Yes, I am covered by a public program such as TennCare or Medicare
___ No, I am not currently covered under a health insurance policy

Do you think basic healthcare is a right or a privilege? ___ Right ___ Privilege

Do you think individuals should be required to have health insurance? ___ Yes ___ No

Do you think insurance companies should be regulated by the federal or state governments and cover specific basic or preventative care? ___ Yes ___ No

Do you think insurance should cover contraception as basic care? ___ Yes ___ No

Do you think an employer should have a say in whether contraception is covered by an insurance plan you pay for? ___ Yes ___ No

Who do you think has the most control over what medical procedures and treatments someone has available? ___ Insurance companies ___ State or Federal legislatures
___ Hospitals ___ Doctors/Patients

Who do you think *should* have the most control? ___ Insurance companies
___ State or Federal legislatures ___ Hospitals
___ Doctors ___ Patients

Do you consider yourself to be religious? ___ Yes ___ No

Do your religious beliefs influence your opinions about:
Contraception? ___ Yes ___ No
Abortion? ___ Yes ___ No
Other reproductive care? ___ Yes ___ No
Healthcare availability? ___ Yes ___ No

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