Aug. 2nd, 2016

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A bit of background on last summer’s project and how it led to this project:

I took a Research in the Social Work Profession class in last year’s Spring semester. As part of that class we did several projects, and I noticed in doing mine that there was a lack of GLBT-related material in the major social work journals, and that nonbinary identities might as well not exist as far as the literature was concerned. I found a study that was done in 2002, and repeated by a different group in 2014, that looked at lesbian and gay content in 4 significant social work journals, but there wasn’t anything similar for nonbinary content. So I wrote a proposal and got accepted for a URECA (Undergraduate Research Experience and Creative Activity) grant that gave me $2000 to do a nifty study that ended up as "More missing: Expanding content analysis in social work journals to include non-binary orientations and gender identities".

“How )

“What )

That’s probably enough babble for one post, so I’m going to stop there for now. If this is too babble-y or doesn't make any sense, let me know.

(Also, I have no clue why my cut tags are messing up. The first one should be "How it was done" and the second one should be "What I found".)


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