Oct. 21st, 2010 08:25 pm
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What did I do wrong?

This is what I wrote:

((person asking why there isn't more "X did Y, which is why there is a problem with action / choice Z" type information more easily available))

If I let a cousin copy something that is personal and private, and they
leave it out for all to see, I am not going to publicly point at it and
draw everyone's attention to it. If it's just one bit among a lot of
other stray bits, then it doesn't stand out -- no one hunting for the
Secrets of Sana is going to paw through anything looking for something
they have no reason to think is there.

I kevetch with close kin about certain individuals and how particular
bits have been "mistreated" here or there. But outside of that - even
with Feri students (or potential Feri students) - it really doesn't have
a place beyond rather general warnings, basic information about vetting
teachers and my usual "keep your brain with you at all times and watch
your ass, too" routine.

Sometimes, in talking with folks one-on-one, or in particular
circumstances, I will give an opinion (as well as a general bit about
the basis for it) of a specific teacher if it's directly asked for and
it's appropriate. Sometimes, in *very* specific circumstances, I'll
include more detail about why I hold that opinion. But I'm not going to
put up a neon sign saying "Here There Be Private Lore". And that's what
naming names often is. Especially on public / semi-public lists where
it's easy to find by folks who think that in hunting down and grabbing
bits and bobs - especially the super-sekrit ones - they're capturing
Feri. We don't need any more half-arsed carnys shilling basterdized


I've gotten two responses. Veedub using part of it as a jumping point for a related - but - not - exactly point... and thanks from one of the folks whose choices / methods I *really* don't like (for various reasons, some related to this stuff, some quite other).

I'm a bit perplexed in a vague 'that's not what I meant' sort of way...
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